Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wad Of Lines

Here is another one of my games.
(Its rules are slightly more complex than the rules of most of my games
I have posted, but the rules are still relatively simple when compared
with the rules of many famous games.)
Game is for 2 players, each with a differently colored pencil.
Player start by taking turns drawing a predetermined number of dots on
a piece of paper (so that no 3 dots are colinear). Draw about a total
of 25 to 60 dots.
Players alternate drawing straight line-segments with their pencils and
a straight-edge, one line-segment per move, so that a player's
line-segment goes from the last dot drawn to by the other player to any
dot not yet drawn to.
(Player 1 starts by drawing a line-segment from any dot to any other
If the game gets this far, the last player draws his/her line-segment
back to the first dot drawn from, so every dot (at game's end) has one
line-segment drawn to it and one-segment drawn from it.
A player gets a point for every preexisting line-segment of his/her
opponent that his/her own line passes through.
A player can draw his/her line through ONE of his/her own preexisting
lines per move, but may not pass through more than one of his/her own
lines per move.
If a player cannot move (because there are 2 or more of his/her own
line-segments between him/her and every dot not yet drawn to), the
player loses a turn (the other player gets to move again).
If neither player can move, the game is over.
(Again -- if the game gets this far, the game is over when the last dot
a first dot are connected by a segment.)
(And there probably should be a rule that a line-segment cannot pass
through any dots on its way to another dot, and that no 2 line-segments
of the same slope can coincide, if 3 dots are colinear.)
Leroy Quet

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