Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 Colors Filling Grid

For 2 players. Played with 3 colored pencils, each of a different
Start with either a 5-by-5 or 6-by-6 grid drawn on paper.
(Actually, this is just a suggestion. You can play with any sized
n-by-n grid.)
Players take turns (player 1, player 2, then player 1, player 2,...)
filling on each move an empty square of the grid with the color which
is up.
The colors follow the same order over and over (say - blue, red,
then blue, red, yellow,...),
For example:
Player 1: blue
Player 2: red
Player 1: yellow
Player 2 blue
Player 1: red
Player 2: yellow

The first time a square is filled with a particular color,
any empty square can be filled in.
But after each color has been used to fill a square
(ie. on the 4th or later move), a player can, with a
particular color, only fill a square immediately adjacent
to (in the directions of above, below, right, or left) a
square with the same particular color.
(So, blue, say, can only be used to fill a square
{not yet filled in} which is next to a square with blue in it.)
The winner of this game is the last player who can move.
What is a good strategy for playing this game?
And this game seems familiar. From where have I stolen the idea for it?
Leroy Quet

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