Monday, December 13, 2010

Line & Unobscured Dots Game

Here is an unoriginal game for 2 players.

You need a blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil, maybe 2 pens/pencils of different colors.

To start, someone draw a dot in the middle of the piece of paper. Then each player draws a different dot on the paper. (So, you have 3 dots.)

Thereafter, the players take turns forming a line of connected straight line-segments on the paper, plus drawing dots. On their turn, a player draws a straight line segment from THEIR END (of their color, if the players are using differently colored pens/pencils) of the connected string of line-segments (or from the central dot if this is the player's first time drawing a line-segment during the game) to any undrawn-to dot (a dot without a line-segment connected to it), such that the line-segment doesn't pass through any other line-segments or through any other dots along the way.

Then, on the same move, the player draws 2 dots, neither on a line or on another dot. One dot is "visible" by the player's own end of the line of connected line-segments. The other dot is visible by the other player's end of the line of connected line-segments.

By 2 points being "visible" to each other, it is meant that it is possible to draw a straight line-segment between the two points, and that line-segment doesn't pass through any intervening dots or lines.

After a fixed number of moves, the same number of moves for both players, the game is over.

The winner has, at game's end, the most number of undrawn-to dots visible from their end-point of the line of connected line-segments.

Note: If playing with 2 differently colored pens/pencils, it doesn't matter what color the dots are. The only reason for using 2 different colors is to make it easier to see whose end of the line of connected line-segments is whose.

Leroy Quet

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